Being a member of the FGA, it’s writing a new page together for our collective history.

  • join a pan-Ontario group of organizations and businesses recognized for their commitment to the Franco-Ontarian community and its heritage;
  • give a voice to Franco-Ontarian businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations to strengthen their footprint;
  • support Franco-Ontarian economic contributors in the development of their business at the local, provincial, national and international levels, in French and English; and
  • give back to the community by supporting local economies.

Being a member of the FGA, it’s amplifying the economic impact of our Francophone community.

  • increase the impact and activities of Ontario’s Francophone and bilingual economic contributors;
  • expand trade throughout Ontario, Canada and the world;
  • promote the Franco-Ontarian community and its influence at the provincial and national levels and encourage the development, growth and health of new businesses; and
  • promote exchanges between its members and strive for greater synergy and grow their networks.

Being a member of the FGA, it’s strengthening the visibility of Franco-Ontarian economic players.

  • enable businesses to develop new expansive networks;
  • promote the economic advantage of Francophonie on behalf of all businesses in Ontario;
  • take part in representing the interests of Ontario’s Francophone business community to provincial and federal decision makers; and
  • ensure that local Francophone business groups are appropriately equipped with the political, social, economic and cultural resources they need for their development, and continuity, particularly during the post-COVID recovery.

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