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Dominic Mailloux

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Welcome to the FGA Website! Our platform is here to connect the Franco-Ontarian business community and support our members.

It will be updated regularly to keep you informed about FGA news, our member services, our membership categories, upcoming events, etc.

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Members’ Services

To promote the development of the economic Francophonie throughout the province, the country and internationally, the FGA is developing an exclusive range of tools and services for Franco-Ontarian businesses and organizations members of the FGA. Get to know more about them!

Government Relations

The FGA will represent the interests of Ontario’s Francophone business community to provincial and federal decision-makers.

It will also provide support and resources to local business groups looking to ensure their voices are heard.


The FGA will promote and encourage increased networking and synergies among its members.

Offer a selection of exclusive corporates benefits to its members.

Events and Services

The organization will develop a variety of useful tools to help its members develop and grow.

Learning and events: The FGA will organize events—such as inter-municipal, provincial, inter-provincial and, potentially, international gatherings—in support of its members and the Ontario Francophone business community.

Membership BECOME a member

Not-for-Profit: Open to any local, regional, or provincial business association based in Ontario.

Corporate: Open to any Ontario business or organization that shares the FGA’s vision and mission and wants to help it achieve its goals.

Individual: Open to any private company, entrepreneur, or business person located in an area not already represented by an associate member.

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